söndag 10 oktober 2010


En tillbakablick med lite nostalgi om min bakgrund inom mete:

"About 15 years ago as a junior angler i was doing quite some angling. Most of it was traditional angling without groundbait but also some international angling, or "Modernt Mete", as it was called at the time. The club i was competing for was Överums SFK in the Kalmar district 200 kilometers south of Stockholm. It was back in the days when Rive seatboxes were unheard of and poles did not really exist (in my district atleast). Top goal was to have a "Smurf" blue Shakespeare plastic box and a 9 meter whip that did not kill you when holding it more then one hour. I had nothing of that. Instead my 8 meter whip killed me in less then an hour and my seatbox was a green plastic bin stolen from Systembolaget that originally were to transport liquor in. The memories are a bit faint but i think one of the last matches i participated on must have been the Swedish championships in Fyrisån around -95's or so. What caused me quite i not really recall but i remember having the end peg and my groundbait balls didn't seem to sink that fast causing them to go downstream with my chances of winning the competition. My team scored a bronze medal and one of my team mates won the gold on a few hundred bleak. "

For the 2010 season i joined a few matches again breaking a roughly 15 year break from the match scene. I might not be a junior of age but I'm a junior in experience so one of my main objectives is to watch and learn as much as possible.

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